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asset tokenization

We help you to integrate blockchain into your business

The benefits of tokenization

Blockchain is the innovation in companies infrastructure, to make it global

Company tokenization

Take your company public by issuing your company shares on the blockchain

Real estate Tokenization

Sell real estate or share ownership by tokenizing your assets on the blockchain

Commodity tokenisation

Sell gold, oil or other commodities or share ownership by tokenizing your assets on the blockchain

Taking your company public can be a large undertaking. We have gone through this process already several times, and we will provide you with a team of experts in every aspect from getting started to the first day of trading. Visiofy will take care of your legal, marketing, and technology side, so everything would be set up correctly for going public, and you can focus on running your everyday business.

Why should you create a Security Token?

Here are the top 3 reasons to tokenize your assets:


Access investors globally that you were previously unable to reach. Receive funding in the currencies you prefer. Pay dividends automatically, create and distribute securities effortlessly, and reduce back-office administrative overhead.


Security tokens represent a massive breakthrough in liquidity for private securities with built-in ownership restrictions. You can sell private securities to a global pool of investors while allowing a liquid secondary market to develop on a number of trading venues.


As a security token issuer, you can conduct your: fundraising, cap table management, dividend payments, and financial dealings in a fully transparent manner on the blockchain.

Learn how you can tokenize your assets

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We help you to take your company public by using blockchain technology

Step 1

Setting up a plan for a tokenization process.

Step 2

Setting up the infrastructure for tokenization process: company, documents, legal side, technology, and online presence.

Step 3

Launching an asset on the blockchain. Optional: campaign for token distribution and funding.

Step 4

Going public. After the campaign is finished, the asset can be released on the public market by using different exchanges.

Successful Projects


Total Funding Collected

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Investor Platform

The Investor platform provides you with an all-inclusive solution

Integrated KYC/AML Service

Know your Customer & Anti Money Laundering System that your bank will love

Dividend payment gateway

Pay dividends to your investors with a preferred currency

Advanced Security

Security is our number one priority for us

STO marketing campaign

We will connect you with the right marketing partners for your campaign

Legal Support

We will provide you with the right legal structure

Upcoming Projects

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