Free Webinar: How to launch your Initial Token Offering

Today I want to talk about Initial Token Offerings and how to fund your startup by tokenization.

Due to the technology we have arrived in the era, where the playing field of entrepreneurship is leveled. Everyone who has the skills, talent, can build something amazing. Although in some cases we need funding to reach the next level.

Today's topic is about funding. When startup owners are looking for a funding there are different ideas and options they are considering

  1. loan (which isn’t that popular)
  2. Venture capital
  3. High net worth individuals
  4. Family offices
  5. Crowdfunding

In a past couple of years due to a growth of blockchain technology and by it becoming more accessible, there has been an alternative option rising which most of you are already familiar as crowdfunding throughout the tokenization or decentralized crowdfunding

This webinar is for people who have already made a decision, that they are going to fund their startup by launching a token sale or they are on the fence on thinking if they should go further with that path or not. If you are still new to blockchain technology, then I’ll add some great free learning materials to the show notes below.

By the end of this webinar, you will have a good enough understanding that you can decide
Should you go ahead run with this information and do it on your own or find a right team that can help you on your path to funding your startup.


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