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Welcome to Visiofy, we are a team of Technology and Marketing experts. Visiofy was launched as a branding and marketing agency in 2015. We started our journey by providing consultancy services to companies including Fujitsu, Starship Technologies, Skeleton Technologies, Manpower, LHV Bank, Nordea Bank (Luminor), SMIT (Estonian Ministry of Information Technology and Development Center). For the last two years, we have been focusing on building our own products, services. We are also providing Enterprises and SME-s with Blockchain, FinTech and Online Marketing consulting.

We help companies to implement technology and blockchain into their infrastructure, communication, and marketing


Kenn Lend

Founder - CEO

Hans Pokmann


Kaarli Auksmann

Head of Partnerships

Airi Kasemaa

Project manager

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SecuritiesWise - Wall Street on Blockchain

You don’t have to be a tech Unicorn anymore to take your company public.


We help your business to scale from local to global.

Blockchain & startup news

Articles and news about blockchain startups, technology and industry

ICO Turnkey Platform

Fundamentally Changing How Startups are Funded.

What business problem are you facing that keeps you up at night?